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We can’t deny that the last decade has seen big changes in the world of health and fitness. To get an idea of ​​what is expected in the New Year, it is good to follow the trends. From fitness apps to meditation to proper nutrition to group workouts and more. See the 5 top trends we have selected for you in the following lines.  

Attention to mental health

In addition to a good health status, men and women should also pay attention to their mental health. An important and growing trend in recent times is mental health. About 66% of people try to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle. Many of them turn to therapy, which can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and other negative factors that affect both sexes.

Healthy diet

Proper nutrition is also among the top trends this year. You’re probably well aware that you should aim to eat a healthy and balanced diet, regardless of your activity level. This will provide you with all the nutrients you need to feel good.

When proper nutrition is combined with regular exercise, it will help you achieve a good balance of health, mind, and body. The more you exercise, the more carbohydrates your menu should include because they are a source of energy for your body.

Some of the healthy sources of carbohydrates are:

Whole grain bread;

Brown rice;


Fruits, including dried.

Protein-rich foods are also important, especially for your muscles, which are built by consuming protein in combination with exercise. Eating protein before and after exercise helps jump-start the muscle recovery process.

No alcohol consumption

Even the consumption of a small amount of alcohol can affect your sports and physical efforts. No matter if you go to the gym or to competitions, you should know that alcohol is an enemy of sports.

Alcohol is also a diuretic and consuming large amounts can lead to dehydration. Its consumption leads to reduced efficiency and low energy level. Exercise should be avoided after drinking alcohol.

You need to be well hydrated when you exercise to maintain blood flow in your body.

HIIT workouts

HIIT workouts are high-intensity workouts that involve maximal effort and intensity for 20 to 90 seconds, followed by a low-intensity recovery period. The average duration of these workouts is about 30 minutes. This type of training is high-intensity, which is why you should avoid doing it every day. Otherwise, you may reach a state of overtraining and increase your risk of injury.

With HIIT training, effective calorie burning is achieved, and metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar are improved, without unnecessary stress on the joints.

See in which Athletic Fitness clubs and when there are such pieces of training.

Group training

Group training is growing in popularity. These workouts are effective for people who want to train in a group and get more motivated by it.

Group training is a great way to try new exercises. They also have a social aspect, as this is how people pool their time and commitment equally.

Drink water

Especially in the summer season, water is extremely important. We spend hours on the beach, we get dehydrated, and the way to hydrate is… to drink water. Drinking water will also help you feel fuller, so don’t forget it.

You control your food intake

When you sit down to eat, choose food with more vegetables and, of course, a source of protein. Avoid fatty foods, and focus on foods that are baked, not fried. Avoid dishes that have a lot of dressings and sauces.

Eat slowly and stick to your portion size

These are other tips related to nutrition that you should follow not only when you are on vacation. When you eat slowly, you can more easily feel when you have eaten, and in this way you will not overdo it with calories and you will avoid the heaviness in your stomach. Determine what you will eat – this way you reduce the risk of overeating again.


Summer is the season of fruits and there is a huge variety of them. Just choose your favorite fruit and enjoy! Other options are to have something for dessert that you’ve made and/or something you know the ingredients for. That way, you won’t worry about overdoing it.

Make a training plan

Having a plan will make it much easier for you to exercise while on vacation, for example. You can get a very good workout with just bands, why not include squats, lunges, sprints, push-ups, or any of your favorite exercises? Just imagine a workout on the beach, a view of the sea, which somewhere merges with the sky, the rising sun, flying glaziers, and the sound of the waves… Sounds more than good, doesn’t it? Try it and you will see for yourself, and after training, you will feel even better!

If you still wonder what and how to train, all active customers of Athletic Fitness have free access to the Athletic Online gym included in their card!

Walk around

This seems like a really easy way to stay in shape – and it is. Go to the beach on foot, and walk along the beach. Instead of the elevator, use the stairs. Go for a walk in the evening, explore a place where you stayed.


Everything would be easier and more enjoyable when shared with a friend or family member!

Sleep for at least 8 hours

Yes, it’s the holiday season after all – indulge yourself and really relax with a good night’s sleep!

Stick to your habits

This is the basic rule in order not to overeat, to move, and not to worry about gaining weight.

Keep stress to a minimum

Don’t worry about gaining extra pounds. Follow our rules and that won’t happen. If something else is bothering you, find a way to silence it – 10 minutes of meditation, reading a book, listening to music, sports, etc.

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