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Enjoying Life

Do you feel like you’re not good at anything, that you’re just a loser? Do you delve into the past and analyze it? Are you worried about the future and have a million “what if” scenarios? Can’t you find your happiness and can’t enjoy life?

Sometimes we have a tendency, especially us women, to have a lot of regrets. And as soon as we fall into self-pity, we start to go around in a circle and we don’t know how to get out of it.

Sometimes we feel like we meet people who keep hurting us. By what they say. By what they do. But do you know how it is? We will let them hurt us!

Sometimes we say how unlucky we are in life. But how about looking at it differently? From a different point of view?

There is a simple law: what we give, we attract.

If we keep saying how unlucky we are and that nothing is going well, it will happen too. We will be unlucky and nothing will go well. But! If we focus on what we are good at and what we are grateful for, miracles will happen. Don’t you believe it? So try it.

Change your current lifestyle. Don’t worry. Change your life.

You might say it’s hard. That it’s very difficult… But with this approach, you unnecessarily set yourself up to believe that it will be difficult, and demanding and that you won’t actually be able to do it. It wouldn’t work with such an approach. It’s obvious, right? Do you understand the difference?

And most importantly, don’t condition your happiness on someone else’s behavior. And expectations of what and how someone else should do. You know sentences like: I will be happy when he behaves like this and that. I will only be happy when she is like this and poppy. I will be happy if… Do you recognize them?

Your life is in your hands and you alone. Nobody else. Only you can change your life!

You can consciously control your thinking. You can live in the present. Dealing with the past and analyzing it has no meaning at all. You will poke around in it and it will “stink” even more… You can not change the past. Well, at least no one has succeeded yet…

Living in the future is also meaningless. Thinking up all possible scenarios of what could happen and happen. Fearing something that hasn’t happened yet.

Of course, there are several pieces of advice and tips on how to enjoy life and be happy.

Go out into nature and find a place where you feel good. Stop and take a deep breath. A breath. Exhale. Being outside in nature is such a wonderful thing! Look around you and perceive. Calm your mind and notice the beauty of flowers and trees. Did you notice the daisies? Have you noticed the little imperfections that make them so beautiful? What sunshine? Do you feel its rays on your body? What else did you notice? What do you see? what do you hear what do you feel?

Happiness is not something we have to achieve through hard work. Happiness is a choice. So let’s be happy.

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