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Everyone has difficult moments in life. When everything piles up at once, naturally, the nerves can’t stand it. But there are situations when you just need to calm down. Instruction If you have a responsible speech (for example, the thesis defense or an important one), drink a light sedative the night before. Even if it’s so bad that the pill doesn’t work, you’ll subconsciously be sure that the medicine will help. The placebo effect will work and you will calm down. This exercise looks simple, but it’s actually very important to do it. Closing your eyes, you isolate yourself from external stimuli, and you get the long-awaited rest. If you get excited at the most inopportune moment (for example, during a meeting report), don’t panic. Always remember that yours is capable of handling any situation. Find one in the audience and imagine yourself addressing them. Subconsciously, it will be easier for you to hold a person’s attention.

Make a list of what you do every day and start consciously changing it. You can get up and go to bed at different times. Make your menu not as usual – instead of coffee in the morning, try to drink tea, or drink fermented baked milk instead of tea at night. Try your route from home and back. Go to an exhibition, meet friends in a cafe or go to a coffee shop. Make good. To do this, you do not need to be a millionaire and create a charitable foundation. Just help those who need it, including if it may seem like a trifle at first glance. Remember that by doing good, you have done well to yourself. Do sports. You need to keep yourself in great shape and always be in good shape. To achieve the desired result, you do not need to buy a subscription to a fitness center, you can build a gym at home. To do this, you can buy a jump rope, yoga mat, fit ball, etc. Try to set aside one-tenth of the amount you currently have each day. Even on a small budget, this habit will pay off. Shop exclusively with a list – this tactic will save you up to 30 percent of your budget.

Either way, you see your flaws. It is within the power of each person to change his own character, but any change requires great effort and seems impossible in some cases.

Work hard. Act as if you have already achieved your goal: for example, you got rid of a bad habit, started exercising, stopped being late everywhere, etc. Don’t think about it: they see you the way you show yourself. Brag about every accomplishment, especially one that’s ahead of schedule. Don’t get discouraged if a scene isn’t given to you the first time or in time. Repeat the plan and fight the obstacle until you overcome it.

Many people have long since given up on life with its hopelessness and hopelessness. And the result is the same – unwillingness to see your life from the other side. You want fate to change itself without any effort on your part, but you yourself do not want to change. But above all, you yourself must change and change internally, change the course of your thoughts. And then the change will come.

Choose what you want to change the most. Start with one habit or trait. Once you are used to gradually changing your consciousness, it will be much easier to change other qualities. Analyze the actions that you perform under the influence of an undesirable trait. What emotions do you feel at the same time, and what thoughts arise under the influence of these emotions? Find the cause and the root of this behavior. Sometimes, to get rid of them, it is enough to simply see where the problems come from. Use the following exercise. As often as possible say: “I want to change” and touch your throat. This is the center where the energy for change resides. Get ready for them. If you think you can’t change yourself in any way, then that’s where you need to change. Change, it’s fun. Life is beautiful, just turn to it. Look for the positive side in everything.

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