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Push yourself to the limits

1. Work hard and challenge yourself

First, believe in the work you do. Be long. Get up early. Push yourself to a higher level. Work with your body and mind; long days of groundbreaking, groundbreaking work will only make you feel more useful and successful. It should be reiterated that believing in what you do is very important. If you break your back and do something that is not in your heart, all you will find is anger. Find what you like and invest in it all you have. Then you will never feel that you are living a full life.

2. Don’t take anything too seriously

Every time I start to feel stressed or nervous, I ask myself, “Will it matter in a year?” and  guess what it does not matter,. Most people spend their time worrying about everyday things that don’t really matter, or even at all. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to work and do your best to do your best. However, everyone will make mistakes. Don’t worry, don’t stress the little things that aren’t going as planned. Either way, we will all die at some point (this fact always helps me remind myself what is important). Focus on what’s really important to you, and don’t take anything too seriously.

3. Do not attach much importance to material things

I never understood why people are so focused on material things. I rarely know what’s “fashionable” right now, and I don’t care why anyone else cares. With that said, appreciate your friend’s most stylish new wallet, diamond necklace or hottest new shoes. They value humans and animals and the land on which we live.

4. Listen to people

This land is filled with so many different people. Everyone has something to tell and you can learn from everyone you talk to or hear from. By listening to people, you will learn that we are all alike, regardless of religion, race or culture. All people experience the same emotions and can communicate with each other no matter where they come from. Understand that everyone you talk to can teach you something. Some people will show you the dark side of human nature, while others will restore your faith in the good of humanity. You will also find that many people tell you stories that seem pointless, people try to impress you with things that usually don’t matter, and people talk just to hear themselves. But you can learn something from seemingly pointless everyday conversations. The best thing is to set aside time, to listen to people is something you never know who you will meet. Often, these are the people who become your best friends whom you meet on a whim.

5. Form your own opinions

As I said before, there are many people with different opinions. Listen to them, but don’t take seriously everything everyone says. There are a lot of people who talk a lot about BS. People tend to think they are right and don’t even think about the other side. That’s why it’s so important to listen. As a listener, you can see as people. Listening gives an understanding of human judgment, but also of human nature. Make your own judgment, but ALWAYS be open. Just because you made up your mind at one point doesn’t mean that opinion won’t change later. Trust your own intuition and keep listening to yourself and others.

6. Don’t be so sure

Think how many people are on this earth. Think what a great universe. Think about how many things are happening now. And now think of you They are not really that important. You are just a tiny disposable cell in a body full of other cells. Stop thinking that your thoughts, feelings and opinions are more important than anyone else’s. You don’t put your ego aside.

7. Determine that you have the opportunity to make changes

Although you are seemingly insignificant in the pattern of things, in fact you have a great ability to do amazing things. One person can help change the world. Find what is important to you and be proud of what you do. No one knows where we were before birth and where we will go if we die. Whether accidentally or intentionally, you live your life here. Always keep this in mind.

8. Be kind

That’s all that matters.

9. Spend time in nature

It is too easy to part with the nature that surrounds us. Go outside and look at the stars, trees and all living things around you. You will never cease to be amazed. A small lizard scurrying in the bushes will make you think about life in general. The sun and moon will feel so distant, but you will also feel so connected. When you are on the street, you will be amazed by this incredible planet on which we live. Nature makes it clear what is important. Seriously, go out often.

10. Don’t follow the rules

Society has established a number of “rules” that people often blindly follow. As I got older, I realized that in this life there are no set rules we live by. If you want to quit your job and move around the country, you can. If you want to learn to dance under 60, you can. If you want to dedicate your life to researching failures, you can. If you want to eat chocolate every day, you can. If you want to live on a boat for 5 years, then you can. There is no one particular way you should live your life. As long as what you do doesn’t negatively affect others, it’s a must try. Forget what you say you should continue your life.

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