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In recent years we have made many long journeys, but we have certainly not skipped Europe. When you travel in Europe, you soon find out that you really don’t always have to fly 12 hours to snorkel in clear blue water or to swim at a waterfall tens of meters high. The countries we visited in Europe were fantastically beautiful and many more countries in Europe are planned in the coming years. Are you looking for a cool destination in Europe for a special tour.

Are these countries in Europe something for you?

A country should always have something challenging for us. We don’t get happy hanging out in a tourist resort for a week and just lying on the beach. We prefer to opt for a cool road trip where you get to see the different sides of a country. During our travels we always look for lesser-known hotspots, we do at least one cool activity such as kayaking or paragilding and we always make a nice hike. Does this sound like something to you? Then the following countries and routes are definitely for you!


We kick off with beautiful Portugal! This country in the extreme southwest of Europe is a perfect destination for a round trip or a nice city trip. The capital Lisbon is so nice and atmospheric that you can enjoy yourself for many days. Lisbon has many creative hotspots, you can go out and relax on the beach. The palaces of Sintra, a 20-minute drive from Lisbon, ooze history and feel like stepping straight into a fairytale. The south coast of Portugal is known as one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe. Here you will find tens of meters high cliffs with tiny hidden beaches and special caves in between. Portugal really has something for everyone.


Iceland is unlike any other country. The island is a unique combination of hot springs, geysers, rugged mountains, glaciers, endless barren plains and volcanoes. You will also find black beaches, incredibly beautiful waterfalls and you can see the northern lights in winter. Rent a car, cruise the island and be amazed by all the beautiful things you encounter. In some places it seems as if you are on another planet. Iceland is a real outdoor destination and there are plenty of fun activities to do. For example, you can spot whales, hike on a glacier or snorkel in the clearest water in the world. Did you know that Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world? There is virtually no crime, so you don’t have to worry about safety here. You can plan your trip to Iceland in all seasons, but the country is easiest to access in the summer. In winter there is often a thick layer of snow and you can do completely different activities than in summer. The choice is yours!


Croatia is the land of picturesque villages, countless paradisiacal beaches and rich in interesting history. The sun shines most of the year and there are no fewer than 1,185 islands off the coast of Croatia. In the summer you can go island hopping, spend an afternoon kayaking or relax on a beach bed. In the interior of Croatia you will find many national parks such as Krka NP and the Plitvice Lakes, which consist of bright blue lakes and many waterfalls. During your trip be sure to visit one of the most romantic towns in Croatia, Rovinj. The old town of Rovinj is a maze of winding streets, cozy restaurants and funny vistas. Start or end your journey in beautiful Durbovnik. This is perhaps the most beautiful city we have ever visited!


Bella Italia! It is not without reason that Italy has been one of the most popular holiday countries in Europe for years. You can go there for a wonderful beach holiday, an interesting city trip or choose to look for nature. Our favorite part of Italy is the Dolomites, a mountain range in the north of Italy known for its breathtaking beauty, crystal clear lakes, green valleys and towering mountains. Many people even describe the Dolomites as the most beautiful mountain area in the world. Besides mountains, Italy has many more unique things to offer, such as delicious cuisine and world-famous cities. In the cities you really taste that Italian atmosphere. Stroll through narrow streets, visit the historic buildings and settle down on a terrace with a nice glass of drink.


Okay, this is of course not really a country because Madeira belongs to Portugal, but it really deserves its own place in this list. Madeira is a very unique part of Europe. Located about 700 kilometers west of Morocco, this volcanic island is a fantastic destination for those who love nature. With more than 100 walking routes, you will never get bored in Madeira and there are trails for all levels that will take you to the most beautiful places on the island. The landscapes of Madeira are rugged and the fauna is very varied due to the different microclimates of the island. You will find tropical jungle, high waterfalls and rugged cliffs and sometimes it even feels like you are somewhere in South America instead of Europe.

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