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How spices heat us! When it’s wet, cold, and dark outside, we often notice it in our energy – we feel sluggish and want to crawl on the couch and freeze faster. Did you know that your diet significantly impacts your mood and even your temperature? Try our spice tips this fall to lift your spirits and boost your metabolism.

Wet and cold days are when you are often a bit chilly on the go and sometimes feel frozen in the evening. Women, in particular, are familiar with this phenomenon. Of course, immediate measures such as warmer clothing, thick socks, a hot shower, or a bubble bath will help. But what in the long term means that you don’t get too cold in the first place is regular training! We’ll show you why!

Regardless of whether we have children of our own or not, we contribute to social development. Our behavior and lifestyle have even more impact on others than we often realize.

But also vice versa: what we do not set an example for ourselves has little persuasive power with words alone. So how can we set expectations for ourselves and those around us if we don’t behave that way ourselves? If we want to change and improve something, it is best to start with ourselves or behave as we would like our environment to do.

Did you know that fitness also trains your self-confidence?

Scientific studies confirm: Fitness training makes you self-confident. People with a fit lifestyle master daily demands more efficiently, are often more successful professionally, and sometimes even earn more. Behavioral researchers see a connection to self-motivation, discipline, willpower, and stamina, which are automatically developed and strengthened with regular fitness training. The fitness training also ensures concentration, performance, and increased well-being with fewer illnesses.

Do you often wish for more energy and momentum? Do you suffer from the fact that you would like to do more in everyday life and in your free time than you can do? Many people are often exhausted by 4 p.m., spend the rest of the day on the couch, fall into bed dead tired, and hardly get up again the following day. It is often difficult to break this negative cycle. We will show you what gives you more vitality in everyday life:

Cholesterol is a crucial cell-building block involved in producing digestive substances such as bile acid (responsible for the digestion and absorption of fats), various hormones, and vitamin D. However, too much cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, or stroke. Here’s everything you need to know about cholesterol.

As soon as the days start getting longer again, we also feel this new power: Instead of winter fatigue, there is fresh energy, the desire to move outside and conquer the world.

We feel like we’ve been ripped from our Sleeping Beauty sleep – and that’s precisely what happens to us when you take a closer look at how the so-called spring fever came about. Here we show you how these great feelings come about:

A low-carb diet is not good if you want to lose a few pounds and gives more energy and well-being in everyday life. We recommend swapping side dishes containing carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice and preparing vegetables or a fresh salad instead. We will show you which low-carb alternatives can be ideally swapped out for conventional foods and which two superfoods you should integrate into your diet.

Do you want a tight and flexible figure? Then fascia is your new ally – integrate fascia training into your training plan and enjoy great results! Not so long ago, scientists discovered the true importance of connective tissue-like skin fibers for a toned figure, more mobility, and stronger muscles. Fascia training is worthwhile in several ways. We show you what fascia can do for you.

Sitting for hours in front of the computer screen during the day and bending over typing on the smartphone in the evening or lounging on the couch in front of the TV: we spend 80% of our daily life sitting down. Of course, this was not always the case, and the human body is not suitable for this kind of stress. The consequences are unpleasant tension in the shoulder and neck area, limited freedom of movement, and chronic back pain.

We give tips on strengthening the back muscles, correcting poor posture, and alleviating back pain.

There are days when stress comes naturally, and you have little control over the external factors. The good news is: You are not simply at the mercy of stress; you can learn to deal with it better. We have put together a few small but effective tricks on how you can quickly and easily switch from stress to serenity.

Muscle length training – is often a neglected part of our training, but it is not unimportant. Stretching keeps your body mobile and flexible, both in the short and long term – which benefits you on many levels, both in terms of health and sport. Our article shows you why you should include stretching and muscle length training in your regular training.

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