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How to Manage your Time

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How to manage or utilize your time?? Million dollar question, Here are few tips on time management.

A Key To Success

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Time always passes quickly. The only thing that can be different is the perception of a span , said Albert Einstein. If you sit together for two hours with the girl you love, you think it’s only a minute; but if you sit on a hot stove for just a minute, you think it’s two hours to clarify the idea of ​​relativity.

Meaning: despite the same time, there can be big differences in the results. Quantitative as well as qualitative . What one does is utopian for another. Motivation and discipline also play a role, but just in the timing can be a key to success.

If you divide your time in the best possible way, you get several advantages and positive effects . First of all, you improve your results and achievements. You can do more and work better, which will also attract attention to your boss. In addition, your satisfaction benefits because you can reduce stress and be proud of your work.

“Avoid time-wasters for better timing”

Timing learn to use synonym time betterThere’s a lot you can do for better timing – more on that later in the article. However, before you get scared and fear that good time management is complicated and exhausting, there is good news first: Often you do not have to do anything extra, but it is enough to leave out bad habits to get a better time management.

In the first step, you have to identify your personal time- wasters . Ask yourself what you spend the most time with during the day, and above all, with which you waste the bulk. Do you make many unnecessary phone calls that are barely effective, but cost time? Are you constantly answering mails or sitting in meetings so you can not focus on the real tasks?

At many time guzzlers you are also to blame, for example, if you are distracted by your smartphone or surf the Internet. To improve your timing, it takes this honest self-reflection to see where you can gain time.

Without Discipline There is no Time Management

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It is easy to talk about timing, to put the project into practice is yet another challenge. The biggest problems are the lack of discipline . But this is exactly what you need to get the best and most out of your time.

Anyone who postpones, finds excuses or does not control himself and his actions, wastes time. Problems with your timing may therefore be a problem of discipline.

Try to discipline yourself , stick to it, and perform unpleasant tasks without postponing or breaking things down. Your time will already benefit.

Tips for a better timing

You want to improve your time schedule? Finally, there are a number of tips and suggestions that can help you.

“Better scheduling through planning and preparation”

What is up now? What do I have to take care of? Did not I forget something? It is easy to lose track and thus a lot of time that could make you more productive. Instead of thinking about it for a long time, you should pay more attention to planning and preparation. Indecision and disorientation make efficient time management impossible. Instead of starting blind, you should have a plan to orient yourself.For example, the day before, think about what needs to be done the next day and which projects have to be done in which order. This can prevent unpleasant surprises, avoid stress and help you make better use of the limited time.

Better Timing Through Clear Priorities

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Perhaps the most common and best-known tip for better timing: set clear priorities. Knowing which task is especially important and especially urgent will ensure that you automatically get the time right. This also means that you should focus on the important decisions so as not to waste time with unimportant trifles.

An eternal back and forth and thoughts about the pros and cons is only useful for big and important decisions. Be aware that not every detail needs to be planned down to the last detail and become perfect. Such exaggerated perfectionism makes good timing impossible and causes on top of that frustration.

Better Timing by Routine

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Routines give your day structure and fixed processes. This order helps with a better timing, because the work is more organized. You can also schedule fixed times for certain things, for example, answer emails every morning from 10 am to 10:30 am. Or tackle the hardest task of the day every day first. So you do not jump from one ToDo to the next and do not waste your time thinking about what to do next.

Even a good morning routine can help with timing, to start the day right. In addition to sports, reading, radio or music, you can also make it your routine to go through the next day mentally and already be aware of possible time shortages that can be avoided.

Better Timing By Borders

Image result for An effective means for a good timing are limits. Determine how long you are engaged in a task and adhere to this requirement. This can already be done when planning a working day. Should it not work to keep the time frame, you can analyze the reasons for it and learn from it for the future.

An effective means for a good timing are limits. Determine how long you are engaged in a task and adhere to this requirement. This can already be done when planning a working day. Should it not work to keep the time frame, you can analyze the reasons for it and learn from it for the future.

You should not only set boundaries for yourself, but also for others. Do not be interrupted for trifles, ask colleagues to come back with a concern later, unless it is urgently needed. Also say no is an important factor in your time management, to avoid being overwhelmed with tasks.

Better Timing By Delegating

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Delegating has nothing to do with laziness and does not harm your career or your reputation in the company – if you do not overdo it and simply reject any task. Rather, you prove that you know and use your strengths without forgetting the special skills of your colleagues. So all resources are used in the best possible way, which should also please the boss.

Better Timing Through Flexibility

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Despite all planning and structure, you should still remain flexible, because otherwise your time schedule soon reaches its limits. There is always something unpredictable that can upset your schedule. The boss comes with an order that can not wait, a customer has a short-term change request that needs to be implemented quickly, or a colleague needs help to keep a deadline.

Therefore, always leave some free time to react and adapt. In any case, with all productivity and timing, you should also think about breaks.

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