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Global Warming and our Earth

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Have you noticed that the weather is getting crazier? Violent storms every two by three, eternal droughts, heat waves, extreme weather patterns … The weather no longer knows where the wind hits it. Why?

Climate Change Is Very Serious And It’s Certainly Not a Joke

You may have heard some people around you or even a political leader say that climate change is a hoax. They say that it is an exaggeration, that nothing happens, that everything is going well. Well, these people should have a little conversation with the inhabitants of certain islands of the Pacific that have seen how the sea gains ground on their island, or with any person witnessing the current climate madness.

The scientific community has been warning for many years that climate change is real. It is time for us to believe it because the symptoms begin to be evident. Although we cannot say that massive hurricanes such as Harvey or Irma were directly caused by climate change, we can assure you that it is making them stronger and more destructive. The weather has gone crazy, we have gone crazy.

How Does Actually Climate Change Work?

To understand the effect of climate change on our planet we first need to understand how it works.

Greenhouse gases (such as CO2), the type of matter emitted when coal and other fossil fuels are burned, rise into the atmosphere, where they remain trapped for a long time, even centuries. The sunlight and radiation that reach the planet, bounce and get ready to return to space when they encounter these gases accumulated in the atmosphere. The layer of these gases does not let them pass, trapping them and causing the planet to overheat.

It is as if the greenhouse gases were implacable goalkeepers of disco that do not let you leave the party. The air conditioning has broken and the atmosphere inside is suffocating but the doormen are ordered not to let you out. Worst of all, you are paying the salary of those goalkeepers who are putting your life at risk. The same happens with the greenhouse gases that heat our planet, which we ourselves have created. We are both victims and executioners of this climatic madness. Let’s stop throwing stones on our own roof!

How Does This Global Warming Affect Our Earth?

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The predictions of scientific communities warn of serious impacts in the near future, but the truth is that climate change is already impacting our lives. That the North Pole is melting at a dizzying speed is no secret and that the weather has gone mad is evidence for any inhabitant of this planet. What relationship do these two symptoms have between them?

Why Has The Weather Gone Crazy?

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Climate change is causing an accelerated melting of the poles, which means an increase in global sea level. Higher seas produce more intense and damaging storms. This is why the devastating storms that used to happen once every century now happen every ten years.

It is also causing an increase in ocean temperature, and warmer water causes an increase in evaporation, filling the air with more moisture. The more moisture in the air, the more rain will fall.

For example, according to the US National Report on Climate Opens a new window, hurricane activity (including intensity, frequency and duration) has increased since the 1980s. Climate models predict an additional increase in rainfall rates by the end of this century as well as in the intensity of storms, generating more hurricanes of category four and five.

we believe that we must act now, not only for our future but also for our present. This is the only planet we have, there is no more time to lose. We have to boost green energy and urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions to restore sanity to the climate and ensure the health of the planet. We already put the batteries, and you, what would you do?

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