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During winter the common problem faced by most people is dryness that causes itching and skin rash. There are many products in the market that includes moisturizers and other serums which can help us to prevent dryness for the time being. But in remote areas where such products cannot be reached uses natural ingredients like honey, milk cream, and mustard oil which helps them to keep their skin moisturized and rash free. Many people face nosebleeds during winter due to lesser humidity. Some may experience cracked heels and peeling-off lips.
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The Miracle of Modern Science

The Miracle of Modern Science is the first book that looks at the big miracles and catastrophe stories of the Bible and applies scientific methods to analyze them. In doing so, the author reveals the principle of regularity and non-repeatable exceptions. It's a fascinating study of one of the most important subjects in religion. History The history of the miracle of modern science, according to scientists, is not the miracle itself. Rather it's a logical, testable explanation for a natural phenomenon. Miracles are an exception to the rule, but not to the
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Pets For Autistics and ADHD

Having pets is not only for kids but it's a great way for adults to bond with their pets. These pets may be dogs, cats, birds, fish, and more. Pets also help people who are Autistic or have ADHD, and it helps them cope with their disabilities. Dogs Throughout human history, dogs have been a companion for people. They help people in many ways. They have served as protectors and hunting companions. They can be trained to perform tricks, and they have a great sense of smell. Dogs are valued for their
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Multigenerational Travel

Whether it's by plane, train, or boat, you can travel anywhere in the world. And the trend that is getting more popular this year is multi-generational travel. Origins of the word Whether you're looking for the best travel books, the best travel destinations, or the best travel news, you'll find that there is no shortage of content. But how does one go about it? Luckily, there are many aficionados in the travel sphere that have enlightened minds and are happy to share their wisdom. One of the best places to begin is
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Enjoying Life

Do you feel like you're not good at anything, that you're just a loser? Do you delve into the past and analyze it? Are you worried about the future and have a million "what if" scenarios? Can't you find your happiness and can't enjoy life? Sometimes we have a tendency, especially us women, to have a lot of regrets. And as soon as we fall into self-pity, we start to go around in a circle and we don't know how to get out of it. Sometimes we feel like we meet
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The April 2022 issue is subtitled "War Sets Back Global Growth." According to this, the conflict in Ukraine has caused a humanitarian disaster with economic consequences, which is slowing down the world economy and increasing inflation. In addition, it is a worldwide phenomenon, and we all feel it at home as well, that fuel and food prices, for example, have risen significantly. According to IMF estimates, global economic growth will slow down to 3.6% in 2022 and 2023 from 6.1% in 2021, which is 0.8 and 0.2 percentage points lower
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Stress manifests itself differently for each of us. There are those who get in the stomach, those who get headaches, those who feel tachycardia, and those who feel it for muscle tension ... It is certain that stress seems to be an increasingly common problem, especially in this part of the world. When we get stressed, hormones such as cortisol multiply in our system, causing our heart rate and breathing intensity to increase instead of causing blood vessels to narrow. All this means, in fact, headache, hypertension but also
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Ready for the heat? The word 'summer' evokes many pleasant things: holidays, terraces, beach, leisure,… cheerfulness,….. In tropical countries they think differently about this and associate the sun with drought, thirst and fatigue. Unfortunately, we were also allowed to experience that, will we have another heat wave? What does that do to our body? How can we protect ourselves? Who is most affected by heat? What medicines can pose risks if the temperature rises too high? And how do you best store your medication in heat? THE SUN FRIEND OR FOE? Regularly exposing
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In recent years we have made many long journeys, but we have certainly not skipped Europe. When you travel in Europe, you soon find out that you really don't always have to fly 12 hours to snorkel in clear blue water or to swim at a waterfall tens of meters high. The countries we visited in Europe were fantastically beautiful and many more countries in Europe are planned in the coming years. Are you looking for a cool destination in Europe for a special tour. Are these countries in Europe
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I was a climate denier. Now, I’m a campaigner in the fight against climate change.

It all started to change when I took a shower in Jordan. Most of the people in the community I grew up in never quite got on board with believing in climate change. Especially in the older generation, who remembered a 1970s conviction that the Earth was going through a period of global cooling, there was a tendency toward skepticism about science and the academics from the so-called “the Ivory Tower.”  While I had a vague awareness that most scientists believed climate change was caused by humans, I wasn’t sure what